2007 Excellence Award Winners Announced

Spectrum Health United Memorial proudly announces the organization’s 2007 Excellence Award winners. Established in 2006, the Excellence Award program was designed to positively impact patient and family experiences at United Hospital in Greenville and Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview.’

“I commend the entire staff for their commitment to creating exceptional experiences and providing the highest quality care for our patients and families – we’ve truly come so far in the past few years,” says Paul Bonis, chief executive officer. “Specifically, these four individuals have been identified as role models within our organization as they strive for excellence in everything they do. I’m very proud of our 2007 Excellence Award winners.”

Recognized for demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to excellence, the Excellence Award winners include:

Leadership Award

Tricia Kemp, R.D.
Director of Nutrition Services, System

Tricia is a perfect role model for hard work and dedication. She connects with staff and patients by expressing genuine care. In turn, she has earned great respect. Outgoing and friendly, she can strike up a conversation with anyone, whether it’s about their diet or the latest in sports. Tricia is admired for her ability to rise to the occasion, do a phenomenal job, and lead others by her excellent service example.

Clinical Award

Kristin Schuberg, R.R.T.
Respiratory Therapist, Kelsey Hospital

Kristin is easy to be around. She engages others with her positive attitude and eagerness to help. Kristin takes it upon herself to constantly look for ways to assist ‘ whether it’s answering phones, feeding long-term care residents or getting a magazine for a patient. She develops rapport, takes initiative, and exceeds her job description in ways that endear her to patients, guests and the departments she supports.


Teena Kroes
Senior Financial Analyst, System

Teena has a proven track record of notable accomplishments. Knowledge and creativity enable this analyst to quickly, efficiently and accurately find answers through data. Yet even during her busiest moments, Teena always takes time to cheerfully answer questions or help others. Teena is giving of her time and talents with a willingness that equates to service excellence each and every day.

In combination with the Excellence Award program, the annual Suzanne Christensen award was presented. The Suzanne Christensen award was established in 1967, and is given to someone who demonstrates an outstanding contribution to Spectrum Health United Memorial through volunteerism or significant goodwill efforts.

Suzanne Christensen Award

Allen Schoolcraft
Volunteer, United Hospital

‘If we only had 100 more volunteers like Al’ is a remark frequently heard around the hospital and in the community. Spirits seem to lighten whenever this retiree arrives to orient patients, families and new volunteers. Al is capable, knowledgeable and motivated. He enjoys being helpful and is a true asset in so many ways. There isn’t anything Al can’t handle’his dependability and ability to get things done make Al really wonderful.

Spectrum Health United Memorial is committed to providing excellent personal care and services through state-of-the-art technology and qualified, caring staff at the Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview and the United Hospital in Greenville. Spectrum Health United Memorial provides local access to quality care through the region’s largest health care system.