Media Relations Contacts

Spectrum Health welcomes the media to cover stories about our patients, experts, activities and accomplishments. However, news media interviews, inquiries, photography and video must be arranged, approved and escorted by a Spectrum Health Media Relations professional. This protects the privacy of our patients and visitors and helps ensure accurate dissemination of information through connection with the appropriate spokesperson(s). Unauthorized photography and/or video is not allowed on Spectrum Health properties. For after hours media requests, please call 616.391.1774 and ask for the PR person on call. If you have additional questions, please contact a member of the media relations team.

Spectrum Health System Grand Rapids, MI

Tim Hawkins

Media Relations
Office: 616.486.6091
Mobile: 616.443.0361

Andrea Finnigan

Media Relations and Newsroom Web Manager
Office: 616.486.2535
Mobile: 616.293.6050

Sarina Gleason

Media Relations
Phone: 517.256.5618

Beth Cranson

Media Relations
Office: 616.391.2603
Mobile: 616.540.0813

Ellen Bristol

Media Relations Manager
Office: 616.391.4399
Mobile: 616.581.6474

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Ludington, MI

Patricia Ezdebski

Marketing and Public Relations
Office: 231.845.2350
Mobile: 231.301.4864

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital Fremont, MI

Azlan Ibrahim

Communications Manager
Office: 231.924.1264
Mobile: 616.227-1940

Spectrum Health Pennock Hastings, MI

Morgan Rademacher

Marketing and Communications
Phone: 269.948.3116

Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital Zeeland, MI

Ashley Kiekintveld

Marketing and Communications
Phone: 616.748.3610

Spectrum Health Lakeland St. Joseph, MI

Jessica Springer

PR Specialist
Phone: (269) 927-5271

Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital Big Rapids, MI

Spectrum Health Kelsey Hospital Lakeview, MI

Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital Reed City, MI

Spectrum Health United Hospital Greenville, MI

John Norton

Communications Specialist
Office: 231.592.4387
Mobile: 231.580.1079

Priority Health Grand Rapids, MI

Emily Spadafore (Potts)

Public Relations Lead
Phone: 616.464.8389