Children's Health

Campaign Catches Parents in the Act of Positive Parenting

Parents in the Grand Rapids area will be rewarded for publicly exhibiting good parenting skills as part of a campaign sponsored by Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Members of the Child Protection Team from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital will be handing out magnets that say, “Caught in the Act of Positive Parenting – Keep up the Good Work” in the hospital and in the community throughout the month of March, in conjunction with parenting awareness month. When Child Protection Team members and other hospital staff spot parents engaged in positive interactions with their children, they will stop and verbally reward the parent while presenting the magnet.

“Parents rarely receive positive reinforcement for their parenting skills,” said Pat Crum, parent educator at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. “Society is often so critical and forgets to praise parents who demonstrate good parenting skills.”

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and Spectrum Health offers a variety of classes to enhance the parenting experience. For a more complete class listing, visit or call (616) 391-5000.