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How your brain can help control pain

Dr. Sylvia Malcore from Spectrum Health Medical Group's Spine & Pain Management Center, joined WZZM to discuss back pain.

Marijuana – medicine or gateway drug?

Keeping kids safe during summer sports camps

Erica Michiels, associate director of the emergency department at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, joined WZZM to discuss heat-related illnesses.

Up to the challenge

Teens need 9 hours of sleep per night

On-Site Testing: Zeeland Community Hospital offers new diagnostic service for seizures

Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital is now offering on-site neurotelemetry service, the first Spectrum Health regional facility to do so.

Zika Virus 101: A Q&A With Experts Regarding Mosquitoes and Marriage Plans

Traveling for pre-parties or your wedding or honeymoon? Experts respond to your Zika concerns.

A.M. Best Upgrades Ratings of Priority Health

Teen says she finally feels like a normal teen after breast reduction

Mariah Sorensen is sharing her story of breast reduction surgery so others like her don't have to suffer.

Yes, We Still Need to Talk About Toxic Shock Syndrome

Teenagers can be at a higher risk for toxic shock because they’re more likely not to have antibodies for the bacteria that causes it.