Ludington Hospital

SHLH Volunteer Meets with Lawmakers to Discuss Healthcare

Penny Henderson, legislative committee chairperson from the Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital volunteer services board, recently met with state lawmakers during the annual Healthcare Advocacy Day in Lansing hosted by the Michigan Health & Hospital Association. Henderson was joined by hospital president Mark Vipperman and volunteer coordinator Alan Neushwander.

The local hospital representatives spoke to lawmakers about the need for legislative support to protect and enhance the important role of healthcare in building Michigan’s future. Among the issues discussed included:

  • Establishing new funding for labor, delivery and newborn services at small and rural hospitals.
  • Funding the fiscal year 2015 appropriation for graduate medical education at the $163 million approved for FY 2013.
  • Restoring the governor’s recommended funding cuts of $36 million for small and rural hospitals, using the state’s general fund.
  • Opposing controversial efforts to decimate auto no-fault insurance coverage. Such legislation would drastically reduce access to trauma care and rehabilitation services for accident victims who suffer catastrophic injuries by slashing healthcare provider reimbursement to unsustainable levels.