Spectrum Health Announces $98 Million Investment In Blodgett Hospital

Spectrum Health officials today announced a $98 million plan for new construction and renovations at Blodgett Hospital in East Grand Rapids during the next three years. The project is intended to revitalize the facility as a leading community/teaching hospital and prepare for anticipated increases in patient volumes in the coming years.

The initial plans unveiled today call for a fully renovated and expanded Blodgett Hospital with a total of 284 private rooms along with many other improvements. A new 125,000-square-foot, five-story addition will include four patient care floors and one floor dedicated to mechanical equipment. The addition will house 120 patient rooms along with new operating rooms and will be adjacent to the building facing Wealthy Street.

“Our research indicates that demand for health care services in the coming years will require the full use of Blodgett Hospital,” said Matt Van Vranken, Executive Vice President, Spectrum Health System/President, Spectrum Health Grand Rapids. “In addition, we want to underscore our commitment to keep Blodgett and its legacy of quality care here in this community. While we are not adding beds to Blodgett, we are repurposing the space for today’s technology and patient care needs. Blodgett services will be complementary to those offered at Butterworth and combined will provide the broadest scope of clinical services in the area.”

The existing hospital will house 164 renovated private patient rooms as well as outpatient services, which can be conveniently accessed from the parking area on Plymouth Avenue.

The plan also includes:

  • A total of 14 state-of-the-art operating rooms (ORs). Space for eight new ORs will be built in the new addition; four will be finished; and four will remain unfinished and reserved for future needs. The current 14 operating rooms will be renovated to create 10 larger ORs to accommodate advanced medical equipment.
  • Renovation of six existing nursing units.
  • Renovation of public and services areas including the entrance, lobby, kitchen, cafeteria and public meeting spaces.
  • Remaining inpatient space in the current hospital will be renovated, and used for office space and other support needs.
  • Complete overhaul of infrastructure systems such as the roof, electrical, heating and sprinkler systems.
  • Renovation of parking ramp.

A significant portion of the investment will be in surgical areas. Blodgett has a higher percentage of surgical patients than most hospitals – 57 percent compared to an industry average of 43 percent. The renovations and equipment upgrades of the operating rooms are important for the hospital’s long-term success.

An expansion of patient services is a significant part of the plan. A heart catheterization lab also will be added. It will be used primarily for diagnostic purposes for inpatients at the hospital. The hospital also will upgrade its medical and surgical intensive care units. Along with infrastructure improvements, all patient care areas will be renovated.

Currently, Blodgett is the site of several highly-respected clinical services. It houses Spectrum Health’s Center for Joint Replacement, where last year more than 2,500 orthopedic procedures were performed. The hospital’s bariatric program, which features the state’s first nursing unit dedicated to bariatric patients, was named a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence by the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons. Neurosurgery and several neuroscience services are also provided at Blodgett.

In addition to publicizing the renovations and expansion of programs at Blodgett, Spectrum Health officials announced an executive will be dedicated full-time to the hospital. Jim Wilson, named president of Blodgett Hospital, previously served as vice president of clinical operations for Spectrum Health Grand Rapids.

“This is an exciting time to be part of Blodgett and the East Grand Rapids community,” said Wilson. “In essence, we are planning for the future by building on the tradition of excellence and quality care that has always been a hallmark of Blodgett. We look forward to working with the people of East Grand Rapids to continue this tradition.”

Spectrum Health is a not-for-profit health system in West Michigan that offers a full continuum of care through its seven hospitals, more than 140 service sites and 585,000-member health plan, Priority Health. Spectrum Health’s 13,000 employees, 1,400 medical staff members and 2,000 volunteers are committed to delivering the highest quality care to those in medical need. The organization provided more than $100 million in community benefit during its 2006 fiscal year. Spectrum Health has earned more than 50 national awards during the past 10 years.

Blodgett Hospital Facts


Expansion Details

  • Construction, expansion and renovation will result in 284 all-private rooms.
    • 164 beds in existing hospital
    • 120 beds in new addition
  • The $98 million capital plan includes the construction of a 125,000-square-foot, five-story facility which will house:
    • Three inpatient floors
    • Surgical service expansion adjacent to the existing surgical area
    • Housing for mechanical systems
  • The investment will result in a total of 14 state-of-the-art operating rooms (ORs)
    • Space for eight new ORs will be built in the new addition; four will be finished; and four will remain unfinished and reserved for future needs.
    • The current 14 operating rooms will be renovated to create 10 larger ORs to accommodate advanced medical equipment.
  • All six inpatient nursing units will be renovated
  • Older, smaller inpatient rooms will be converted to 75,000 square feet of future office/multi-purpose space
  • Infrastructure systems will be completely overhauled for optimal performance today and growth capacity for the future
  • Existing parking ramp will be renovated and repaired
  • Renovation of key service and public areas including kitchen, cafeteria, entrance, lobby and public meeting spaces
  • New services:
    • Cardiac cath lab
    • Surgical center expansion
    • 16-slice CT scanner for cardiac imaging
  • Existing services:
    • Center for Joint Replacement and Orthopedics
    • Digestive Disease Center
    • Bariatric Surgery
    • Emergency Department (newly expanded)
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Neuroscience and Neurosurgery
    • Regional Burn Center

Fiscal Year 2007 Statistics

  • 12,727 admissions
  • 6,928 inpatient surgeries
  • 4,264 outpatient surgeries
  • 32,369 emergency room visits
  • 2,500 orthopedic procedures performed
  • Spectrum Health is the first and only hospital in West Michigan to achieve Disease-Specific Certification for joint replacement by The Joint Commission.
  • In 2006, Spectrum Health was named the nation’s 7th largest provider of hip and knee replacements by Orthopedic Network News.