Gerber Memorial Hospital

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Adds Breast MRI

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial is pleased to announce the addition of breast MRI capabilities as part of its ongoing initiative to bring the most advanced medical imaging to our community.

Breast MRI is helpful in screening high risk patients, assessing the extent of disease in known cancer cells and in problem solving unclear findings. The American College of Radiology recommends that all high risk women (those with a greater than 20% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer) have a yearly breast MRI in addition to their mammogram.

‘By adding breast MRI to our digital mammography and ultrasound, Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial has added the next step in the high standard of breast care we strive to provide,’ says Maria Frendo, mammography modality specialist. ‘This allows women, who in the past had to travel out of town, get the same high tech exam locally.’

The breast MRI will be available at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and every other Sunday. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 231.924.3300. Physician referral is needed.