Gerber Memorial Hospital

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Announces Addition Of Advanced Computed Tomography System (Ct Scanner)

Fremont, MI ‘ Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial recently enhanced its diagnostic imaging capabilities with an advanced system to help physicians reach confident diagnoses and provide a higher level of patient care. According to Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Outpatient Executive Director, Marianne Patten, the new 128-‘slice’ CT enables the lowering of radiation dose while maintaining high quality images throughout the body.

‘The addition of this new 128-slice CT scanner complements and extends the range of quality diagnostic services that Gerber Memorial offers Newaygo County and beyond,’ Patten says. ‘It provides us a higher level of diagnostic confidence at significantly lower radiation dose’

The technology involved is a new, advanced image reconstruction technique that makes it possible to dramatically reduce radiation dose to patients up to 40 percent without compromising the quality of the image. ‘This is especially beneficial for children and young adults who are more susceptible to harm from excessive radiation exposures,’ Patten says. ‘It also provides new in-depth brain and cardiac techniques that make these tests more reliable and enable doctors to have more confidence in their diagnosis.’

CT, or computed tomography technology, is the diagnostic exam of choice when people are ill or injured, or when a physician suspects a medical problem that is not easily detectable with a conventional physical examination. Gerber’s state-of-the-art scanner provides a high level of diagnostic confidence at up to 40% lower dose.