Gerber Memorial Hospital

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Presents “The Heavy Heart”

Heart disease is the number one health threat to American women and men. Experts say that excess weight is dangerous for heart health. However, there are many factors that contribute to your overall risk for heart disease. Excess weight alone, without any other risk factors, can heighten your risk for heart disease, and even healthy hearts are affected by those extra pounds. Research has shown that carrying around excess weight negatively affects your heart’s ability to pump blood, which is recognized as one of the early steps to heart failure.

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial is committed to changing the tide of heart disease. Our June 11, Spirit Night program, “The Heavy Heart”, is raising awareness about the effects of excess weight on heart health. “The Heavy Heart” will help you discuss heart-healthy weight loss and other life style changes to keep your heart a healthy pumping machine. “The Heavy Heart” is a great starting point for discussing and creating a health and wellness plan with your physician or health care provider.

Joshua Gustafson, MBA/HCM, CWP, the new director of community health at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial will be the presenter for this month’s Spirit Night event. Josh is committed to “walking the talk” of good health and shares doable lifestyle changes that we can implement to improve the health of our hearts and bodies. His relaxed, engaging style is enjoyed and appreciated by men and women alike.

“The Heavy Heart” was developed by HeartCaring and is presented locally by Gerber Memorial. This free program is open to all individuals. With heart disease the number one killer of men and women, it behooves all of us to learn ways to improve our heart health and overall well-being, and have fun in the process.

Join us on June 11th at Tamarac, The Center for Health and Well-Being, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for this free program. To register for, or get more information about “The Heavy Heart” program, please call 231.924.7139.